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What can I do for You?

I want to hear your stories…. share them and I will choose some of you to work with shoot me an e-mail and your story. I will share them here on the blog and work with you personally. Below you will find an outline of how I work and the services I offer. I hope to hear from you and hear you story.

My approach:

1. I like to meet the person and/or persons involved with the cause.[If distance is an issue with technology we have ways around this]

2.I then like to spend some time at your non-profit or cause; seeing how it  operates, what it is you do.

3. Finally we meet again and talk about how I can help


1. Consulting on anything marketing

2. Finding  your story

3. Social Media

4. SEO [search engine optimization]

5. Blogging

6. Word of Mouth

There are many other little parts to these wholes, that can be of help. Again, get in touch and lets talk. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

My Philosophy:

When I get involved with an organization the first thing I do before I get involved is go over everything, inside and out and see if I feel as though there is a true compassion for the organization and its purpose, if so I take them on as a partner.
Then when I am working with YOU, when I am reviewing and writing I read everything and look for the feeling, that compassion and I help with that. I help add that to the story, but I have to feel that from the start that is how I can help an organization and why I only choose ones that have that. If they have it I can feel it and it resonates, I feed off that compassion. A truly heart-felt and compassionate story resonates with people, it touches them and they want to tell others. A message from the heart is better than any other message.

Happy Hatching

Jason Desjardins

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