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My Story

The reason I am here? It has actually been sometime coming…. It all started when I stumbled upon a little “word of mouth” marketing company out of Boston. Some of you may have heard of them “BzzAgent”, now they are one of the most recognized in the “WOM” industry. While I spent many years as an Agent since they where little bees in a big hive, I also learned a lot about word of mouth. I picked the brains of the top guys I learned what I could. I became the face of Bzzagent for a period where they went public in a 2004 NYT article featuring me and a few other agents. The crap storm that ensued locally was a learning experience. ( if you are at all curious Google, “Jason Desjardins NYT”. The article was titled “The Hidden in Plain Sight Persuaders” by Rob Walker, whom I still speak with, great guy.)
My time at BzzAgent made me get hooked on this particular author “Seth Godin”. This author in my opinion is the most remarkable no “Purple Cow” of a business writer. He has been making my marketing gears turn for years now. I have learned all about being a “Purple Cow”, about “Meatball Sundaes”, and how “Small is the New Big”… then it all came crashing down on me when I just finished “Tribes”.
Seth says, and I quote; “Every Tribe is different. Every leader is different. The very nature of leadership is that you’re not doing what’s been done before. If you were, you’d be following, not leading.” That is when it all connected in my head this was the final piece to the puzzle.
Along with all those things swirling in my head and something I found in my 7 yr old daughters back pack made it obvious. I came across a heart in her folder it was cut out of construction paper and folded in half, when I unfolded it, it had hand drawn hearts inside and three words written “Help each other”. I just recently had a meeting with a Chaplin at a local college who is trying to help fund 215 children in Uganda attend school so that they may have a future, and the opposition he has stood against. This was only multiplied by the heart-felt message I found the day before.
I have wanted to always venture out into the WOM world and tell stories. So here I am; BzzAgent fueled it, Seth Godin inspired it, my wife supported it, my daughter made me realize it and Father Robert solidified it and along with my desire to help others Incubation studios was born.
Seth Godin writes of being a purple cow and standing out in the crowd, about leading, challenging the status quo. I once wrote him and asked him how I should get something off the ground I got a simple response “make it free and see what happens”… which puts me right here. Share your stories, not just those who have helped but those organizations and causes trying to do good that need a voice. I will work free with some of you to help you, counsel you on marketing, word of mouth and how to tell your story. Not very common, but this is what I have learned lead or follow its your choice and I have made mine. Lets share your story.

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