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Jalia: A childs story

January 16, 2011

This is the story of Jalia from my companies     amazing partner Aid the Nations, read below      and “tweet” and “digg” and “share” this story and  give her a voice with which to be heard.

Jalia is a 13-year-old girl who has grew up in the  Mubende district in Western Uganda. Her  parents were both killed when she was only  three years old, leaving Jalia with no  opportunity to go to school and forcing her to  earn money by digging for neighbors. Jalia was  picked by a good Samaritan when she was 11  years old who got her a job in the city

working as a house maid in a Kampala suburb. Unfortunately, Jalia’s employee never paid her and tried to sexually abuse her. When Jalia spoke up about the situation, her employer had her sent away, and as a young orphan with nowhere to go, Jalia turned to the church for help. Now Jalia sleeps at the church and is under the church’s care. She believes, if given a chance, she can go back to school and become a useful and respectful employee in the future.


Jalia has a light in her eyes and a beautiful smile and enjoys singing and reading Christian books.

Happy Hatching,

Jason Desjardins


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