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November 26, 2010

Here is another URGENT message from a one of my Friends of Change Lily Grossman; I have promised her that when I see her post one of these I would try and help by reposting it here and on my blog. This is a whole album of dogs and a story

of one of them that are going to be put down this Saturday…if ANYONEcan help any of these beautiful animals please get in touch with the phone number at the bottom of the story. I do hope that if you cannot help that you

will repost,”share”,”like” and help spread the story!  I have also included a link at the bottom to the whole album, please follow it to see all the pictures and read about each dog.

The Album can be found HERE: The Album



“Lola” 1.6 yrs oldFemale, stray Black & white StaffieMild behavior by medical, Moderate behavior after eval35 lbs – underweight

Eval:Stare: 1. Soft eyesSensitivity: 1. Leans in soft bodyTag: 1. Joins the game approaches at the endPinch: 1. Gently pulls awayPinch2: ^^^Food Agg: 3. Digs in follows the dishToy Agg: 3. Takes item away does not allow handler to removeRawhide Agg: 1. Minimal interestDog to dog: 2. Approaches low tail investigates becomes still

DO NOT call unless you are going to go down there and get the dog. It is a waste of the staff’s time to explain the adoption procedure over the phone, for someone to purposely not show up? They need every free second of their time to process Lost and Found checks and care for the animals. Not to mention people will think the dogs is safe and then they die. STOP IT OR I WILL TAKE DOWN THIS PAGE!!!!

Brooklyn – 718-272-7201 (hit 0 for operator, do not leave a message. May need to hit 0 a few times)

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