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The Wonder Wall Project

November 17, 2010

Incubation Studios has just launched a new project called “The wonder wall Project”!! Below is the purpose and what I am doing with the project. I hope that you will join this project and help create real change in this world!!

You can find the project at this link: The Wonder Wall Project

Happy Hatching,

Jason Desjardins Agent of Change


The purpose of the “Wonder Wall Project” is to give a place for people to share their amazing stories of Change and the “Change Reactions” they have created; as well as add pictures of their change to the “Wonder Wall Project”. I want to create a place to show the impact that one person can make in the world. One by one we can make real change and all of TOGETHER; we CAN change the world!

On the Wall: I would like to keep the post to things you as Friends of Change have done; share your stories of helping one another, share links of other helping one another, and how we have looked beyond our needs and to those of others! I will moderate the wall and be sure that the postings are held to this; I will do this to keep the project as it was intended. Some of my favorites I will post on my companies [Incubation studios] FB page and my companies blog!

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

“The Wonder wall”: This is what I hope will be the truly REMARKABLE part of the project. My goal with this is to collect pictures of people like YOU creating and doing change in the world; whether it be helping a neighbor, doing volunteer work in your community, working on a non-profit campaign, holding doors for people, doing non-profit events and the list can go on. Those are just a few examples, the bottom line is, if it is going beyond yourself and thinking of others that is change and we want to see it! I will as I get pictures continually update the “Wonder wall’ mural I will put together with these picture!

One Comment
  1. Wesley Maddox permalink

    Jason, great work.
    We should sit down and discuss some photography…

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