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Amazing People

October 20, 2010

Yesterday through Liana and Pastor Alex of Aid the Nations I met Evaline Sandl; she just recently adopted one of the children from Aid the Nations Miracle Kids School in Uganda! For this I applaud Evaline, the world needs more people willing to give children a voice and a hope for a bright future! Last night while I was on my FB Evaline popped up in to chat, she began asking questions and telling me a bit about what she does. Her story I can tell is a remarkable one; from what we did discuss she is a woman who has become a missionary of one. She currently sees to 50 orphans and has adopted some of these children as her own! In the coming weeks I am going to work with her on her story and getting it fluid and edited and such. So please stay tuned on her story to come, she wants people to know what it is truly like in Uganda! Not from the point of view of the “BIG” ORG’s that are out of touch with the true needs but from one woman who is there on the ground getting her hands dirty. For now I hope you will check out her FB page look at the amazing photos and maybe friend her, so that you can stay in touch with what it is she is doing!

You can find Evalines FB page here

Happy Hatching,

Jason Desjardins

Founder Incubation Studios


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