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What Resonates?

October 6, 2010

There are a few things to keep in mind when trying to put together something that will be remembered by the audience that you are trying to bring it to:

Any good ideas that will resonate with people need a few aspects to them;

  • Simplicity: Proverbs are ideal; simple and profound. Strip the idea to its core
  • Unexpectedness: Violate people’s expectations; A comparison [$4=4 lives campaign for ATN]. Surprise is an emotion that increases alertness and causes focus.
  • Concreteness: Ideas must be in the terms of human actions and sensory information. Concrete images: Halloween’s apples with razors [fact: there has never been an actual reported case of this, have to love urban legends, they work on all these levels]; “a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.” These things create an image in their heads.
  • Credibility: a “try it before you buy it” affect; Ask questions that allow the person involved to test the ideas.
  • Emotions: To get people to care about the ideas; we need to make them feel something. Statistics show that more people contribute to one needy individual than to a whole region.
  • Stories: Stories are what gets people to act on these ideas. We love to tell stories.

Just a few thoughts!!

Happy Hatching,

Jason Desjardins

Founder Incubation Studios


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