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Toms Shoes

March 9, 2010

Tom Shoes headed by Blake Mycoskie, who deems himself Chief Shoe Giver. The concept of Tom Shoes simple and straight forward. For every pair of shoes purchased, which are based on a classic Argentine style shoe, Toms Shoes gives a pair to a child in need. They have plain white shoes you can order and put on community events where you create your own designs. Why is this great? It involves the community and brings people together for a great cause. Not only are people brought together but they are giving a pair to a child in need for every person involved. In today’s world where so many things have become non-personal, this is a great thing. With everything being computerized and there being so little need for people to communicate with each other, this brings people together to communicate and talk. More companies and projects need to do this bring people face to face again. This company is based on a simple premise and they live breathe and eat that story. Its simple straight forward and rewarding. Tom’s shoes for tomorrow.

Happy Hatching,
Jason Desjardins


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